The Community's Plan (southern section)


Develop a beach node with public facilities to support the status of Leighton as a regional beach.
Regenerate low dunes in front of the node.
New infrstructure to be set back 65 metres from vegetation line.
Provide facilities for youth including a skate park and basketball courts.
Allow for publicly owned commercial outlets such as a kiosk, tearooms, bicycle hire and beach equipment hire.


Downgrade Port Beach Road to a traffic calmed beach access scenic drive.
Relocate the access road toward the eastern edge of the disused railway reserve to allow for dune rehabilitation, improved recreational facilities and appropriate car parking to service future needs.
Redistribute existing parking to allow for improved recreational areas behind dunes and around the Leighton node.


Possible mixed use development with an interactive public usage at ground level.
Maintain industrial buffer to all industry in short-medium term.
Long term redevelopment of all industry site could allow for mixed use development sufficiently set back from coast.


Pedestrian and visual connection between North Fremantle Railway Station and Leighton Beach.
Maximise public access, especially rail access to Leighton Beach
Develop safe pedestrian crossings to the beach.
Allow for a diversity of public facilities and activities between the station and the beach.

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