Community consultation on revised plans for the 4ha development (18 October to 17 November 2003)

A Structure Plan for the 4 hectare residential/commercial development at the southern end of the Leighton marshalling yards was prepared by Landcorp in liaison with the City of Fremantle. A community consultation process occurred over 12 weeks from 7 June to 8 September 2003, run by LandCorp on behalf of the City of Fremantle. The community contributed ideas through 3 public workshops during July and August 2003 and made some 440 written submissions. Additional workshops with community representatives led to the a revised Structure Plan, which is out for further community consultation until 17 November 2003.

Details of the revised Structure Plan for the 4 hectare site are available on the City of Fremantle website and the LandCorp project website .

The remaining 13 hectares of the marshalling yards are to be rezoned from ‘Urban’ to ‘Parks and Recreation’ and will become part of the coastal reserve. LAC continues to have concerns about the apparent lack of government funding available for the decontamination and rehabilitation of the coastal reserve because most of the profit from the land sales in the 4 hectare development is to be redirected to the construction of the freight rail loop around Fremantle Port.

The revised Structure Plan

LAC encourages you to submit your comments on the revised Structure Plan ( to Ms Jill Gaynor, City of Fremantle, PO Box 807, Fremantle 6959, fax 9432 9774, email using either the City of Fremantle's comment form or by writing your own submission.
Submissions close on 17 November 2003.

Consultation between LandCorp and community representatives, including LAC, has led to agreement on a number of major modifications to the first Structure Plan. The main changes are given below.

Summary of the main changes incorporated in the revised Structure Plan:

  1. The relocation of the southern part of Port Beach Road to behind (east of) the new development, along the Curtin Avenue road reserve. The City of Fremantle has specified that a memorandum of understanding with State government must be put in place to ensure that the relocation of the road is a requirement for the development being approved.
  2. The relocation of Port Beach Road will result in more of the coastal reserve being available for coastal rehabilitation and recreational facilities.
  3. A traffic-calmed access road would be constructed on the western margin of the development to create public access, as well as a street frontage for the development that would include commercial outlets such as shops and cafes.
  4. The east-west public link through the site has been moved further north and widened (35m minimum) to allow for a more direct and vibrant link between the North Fremantle railway station and surf lifesaving club.
  5. Building heights are reduced, particulary at the northern end of the development, where height will be a maximum of 3 storeys. The northern tip of the development will be used for open space and access, and will facilitate views along the Craig Street alignment between the river and the ocean. Higher built form (up to 5 storeys) will be concentrated at the southern end of the site, but will be positined to limit overshadowing of the coastal reserve and the public link from the railway station.
  6. Buildings and internal roads will have predominantly east-west orientations to maximise views through the site from key public spaces in North Fremantle. This will mean that ocean vistas above 3 storeys will be visible across 70% of the development as viewed from the east.


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