The Community's Plan (northern section)



Establish an environmentally sensitive ecotourism node around the old Cable Station operated by a public authority.

Incorporate land uses appropriate to the Vlamingh Parklands such as an information centre depicting the environmental and cultural significance of the area.

Provide public facilities such as surfboard hire, kiosk, restaurant, function centre and public parking and short stay accommodation.

Redesign the access road to the rear of the buildings to allow for an improved public space between the buildings and the dunes.


Improve the visual and physical links between Buckland Hill, Mosman Park and the coastal reserve.

Regenerate a coastal heath landscape between Stirling Highway and the rail reserve and linking across to the marshalling yards.

Regenerate a coastal limestone shrub landscape that links areas of Buckland Hill to the coastal reserve.

Develop better road access from Mosman Park to the coastal reserve.

Significantly improve pedestrian and cycle access from Mosman Park to the coastal reserve.


Restore a quality coastal environment to the former landfill site.

Remove and regrade areas of landfill to allow for a more gentle gradient, a regenerated natural landscape and to improve public access to the beach.

Relocate the access road and car parks to allow for a continuous area of open space for public recreation.

Reintroduce topographical features reflective of the original landscape.


Increase dune widths to at least 65 metres to allow for sustainable coastal management.

Allocate a coastal reserve width of at least 100 metres.

Provide open space areas behind the dunes that allow for continuous recreational access, picnic areas, shade structures, dog exercise areas, windsurfing set-up areas etc.

Develop a diversity of landscapes suitable to the coastal environment including tea tree swales, shaded parklands and secondary dunes

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