Leighton Action Coalition so far

LAC was formed in February 1999 from members of local community groups and other interested individuals. A very successful publicity campaign has seen advertisements in major WA and local newspapers as well as excellent media coverage of events and LAC's viewpoint. Lobbying of politicians is ongoing and questions are being asked in parliament. A petition with 3168 names was presented to parliament by Jim Scott MLC. A letter drop has gone to thousands of households inviting comments to be made to the Premier. A beach rally was held in February 1999 with over 500 attending. A great wall of hessian was erected along Stirling Highway on 6 March showing the possible effect of our beautiful ocean views being blocked by development. A fundraising film night held on 9 April 1999 was sold out. A public workshop was held on 8 May 1999 to develop an alternative concept plan. This plan was launched on 19th June 1999. The second fundraising film night held on 10 September 1999 was sold out well in advance. A benefit concert at MOJO's on 24th October 1999 was a great success. The huge Save Leighton Beach Rally on 7th November 1999 at the beach attracted about 10,000 supporters, and generated plenty of interest from the news media. A further 3497 names were added to the petition bringing the total to 6665, and these were presented to parliament by Giz Watson MLC.

Save Leighton Beach Rally 7th November 1999

For a look at a Quicktime (520KB) panorama of the rally, click here, but be warned that this may take several minutes to download using a modem.

Speakers at the rally were followed by crowd participation in the hugely popular "Leighton Wave". All politicians should "look out for the Leighton Wave or be dumped" warned rally organiser Mary Dixon.

There was a "day of action" on 25 January 2000, with a mini-rally in front of Mr Court's Office building, and a phone, fax, and email campaign to 4 Cabinet members. Another successful MOJOs benefit concert was held on 29 January 2000 with the launch of a new T-shirt. Another mini-rally was held at Leighton Beach as a final reminder to Cabinet Ministers before making their decision on 7 February 2000. The third fundraising film night held on 26 May 2000 was a great success. The Great Leighton Sell Off, an art food and wine extravaganza, was held on 20 September 2000 at the Moores Building, Fremantle. Works from 280 artists were on sale and hundreds of enthusiastic supporters had a fabulous night.

The then Premier Richard Court, and the Member for Cottesloe, Colin Barnett MLA, indicated that the final outcome for Leighton must have broad community support. The Court Cabinet endorsed the final Leighton Regional Planning Guidelines in December 2000, as did the opposition Labor Party prior to the last State election. The current Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Alannah MacTiernan, held a Community Consensus Forum in March 2002 to explore possibilities for developing a greater area of the marshalling yards than the 4 hectares proposed in the Leighton Regional Planning Guidelines, but was unsuccessful in changing the community position. In October 2002 the Minister held another community forum to discuss planning issues relating to the 4 hectare development area (built form, public linkages, open space etc). A draft Structure Plan for the site was released in June 2003, and public consultation followed until 17 November 2003.

Other LAC achievements

Leighton Action Coalition received the prize in the 'Most Newsworthy - Contentious' section at the Fremantle Festival Parade on 21 November 1999. The Parade team had worked hard over several weeks creating amazing and colourful creatures, including the gorgeous dolphin, 'Lolita Leighton', a huge red dingo, our 23 Leighton sharks and countless pretty fish. The Parade was a lot of fun for the 300 or so participants as well as the very supportive crowd.

The City of Fremantle presented LAC with the Australia Day 2000 "Community Event Award" for the Save Leighton Rally held in November 1999.

In November 2000 Leighton Action Coalition won the National Australia Bank's Community Link Award in the Environment, Conservation and Heritage category for Western Australia. We received a prize of $5,000 from the NAB to facilitate the rehabilitation of Leighton Beach.



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